All of our program highlights include

Primary limit options from 1/2/1 to 5/5/5

OCIP/CCIP, Project Specific, Owners Interest and Practice Policy product offerings

Available in all states other than NY

A- (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating

Flexible SIR and Deductible Options

Installment payment options available for qualifying risks

Term up to 5 years

Customizable form and structure tailored to your needs

Claims handling through Sedgewick, a leading global provider of claims handling

Extensive risk appetite for projects including infrastructure, custom homes, tract projects, condo projects, commercial buildings, and apartments of all construction types.
Ability to consider take-over, stalled and products only coverage for existing projects

Recent Successes

  • $2M/$2M/$2M- Wrap up for 4-story wood frame condo in CA for $130k
  • $3M/$3M/$3M- Wrap up for 14 home tracts in CA for $200k
  • $5M/$5M/$5M- Wrap up for condo renovation in HI for $275k
  • $4M/$4M/$4M- Wrap up for 5-story wood frame condo building in WA for $675k
  • $2M of completed operations coverage for a 2-story wood frame condo in TX for $75k
  • $3M/$3M/$3M- Project specific for take over apartment project in CA for $120k
  • $5M/$5M/$5M- Wrap up for 3 story wood frame condo building in NV for $900k
  • $2M/$4M/$4M- Wrap up for 5 story wood frame apartments in CA for $485k
  • $5M/$5M/$5M- Project Specific for 2-story wood frame apartment buildings in CA for $155k
  • $5M/$5M/$5M- Wrap up for custom home in NV for $600k
  • $5M/$5M/$5M- Wrap up for 150 home tract development in CO for $1.3M